YG can't seem to stay off of the police's radar, and this time, he found himself being handcuffed by LAPD authorities after being pulled over. According to TMZ, the "Bompton" rapper was actually a passenger in his friend's Maybach vehicle, when the two were stopped by police for the car's paper plates.

Reports say the MC and his friends were being uncooperative with authorities after being pulled over around 3 a.m. The officer also found an open container of gin in the car, which eventually led to the Cali native and his friends being handcuffed for not cooperating. Fortunately, YG was not arrested and taken in, but he was ticketed for not wearing his seatbelt. While the rapper was off the hook and eventually left in the backseat of the Maybach, one of the friends in the vehicle was arrested on an outstanding warrant, while another was cited for the open container.

This isn't YG's first encounter with authorities, as the rapper's video shoot for his "Fuck Donald Trump" single featuring Nipsey Hussle was shut down last year by cops. While no one was arrested at the scene, police did arrive in riot gear to the shoot due to the large crowd and cars cruising the streets. There also was no violence at the shoot, despite the angry title of the song. The MC reenacted a scene of him running away from the police for his "One Time Comin'" video from last year.

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