YFN Lucci pretty much defines the good life in the new video for his June James-produced banger, "Never Worried." The luxurious visual, which comes just a little bit over a week after appearing in a video for Ralo's "The Dopeman," showcases just about all the reasons Lucci wouldn't need to worry in the first place.

The new vid features a super-luxurious rooftop pool party and appearances from more than a few stunning models parlaying with the Think It's a Game artist. Surrounded by models, draped in gold chains and sporting a watch that's clearly more than a little high-end, Lucci is living a rap star's most vivid dream.

The cut off his Long Live Nut EP also bumps enough for you to almost visualize it without the video. In the track, which features Lucci's signature melodic flows, sees Lucci lay out the plan for being a boss in the hook and each verse.

"You know it don't make no sense if it don't make none/And I got a lotta bitches, it ain't nothin' to replace one/Built my home, bitch, I can create one/Uh, name a bigger boss, I bet it ain't one/Hey, hey, I don't ever worry, we ain't never worried/We ain't never worried, we ain't never worried/Never worried, we ain't never worried," Lucci says in a hook that's every bit as confident as his verses on the track.

In his first verse, Lucci drives his point home, rapping, "Ain't no rules in this shit/Can't keep losin' this shit/Always losin' your bitch/Gotta keep like 2 or 3 kids/See my Frank Muller it's lit/Why spend my time with a bitch?/Why sit around cryin' about a bitch?/I built me 9 of them bitches."

You can peep the video in all of its luxurious glory just below.

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