A few weeks back, YFN Lucci dropped a swanky video for "Never Worried." Now he's back with a visual for another Long Live Nut EP track, "Been Broke Before," and it's pretty much the exact opposite.

Directed by Marc Diamond, the "Been Broke Before" visual finds YFN Lucci revisiting his stomping grounds Summerville, Ga., where he kicks it with his crew and visits the local cemetary with Lil Fat, the son of his late mentor Nut, the namesake of his EP.

Elsewhere in the new vid we see Lucci visiting an old home in the neighborhood, where it looks like some Ramen noodles are cooking on the stove. Overall, it's an emotional look at a time before he was a burgeoning rap star. It's also an apt one for a track called "Been Broke Before."

The track itself sees Lucci putting his signature talents to use, working his emotive vocals—seemingly laced with a bit of Auto-Tune—to croon on a hook filled with feeling.

"Damn, I've been broke before/I said damn, I've been broke before, yeah/I don't know if you've ever been broke before/Have you ever been broke before? Yeah damn, we were broke before/Can't believe we were broke before, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh-uh," he belts out on the track.

Peep the heartfelt new visual for "Been Broke Before" just below.

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