After teasing the new track "Row Your Boat" last week, Yelawolf makes his return with the full version today (June 2), complete with a video.

Directed by Spidy Smith, the minimalist visual finds a shirtless Catfish Billy spilling his soul in an empty room which changes colors. Similar scenes display painted words such as "war," "choice" and "hell" across the screen, helping drive home the song's theme. "The truth is you just want to see me sink/If there’s any room left on that ship/You don’t have to save any room for me/Cause I’ve got my own boat (even when it rains)/I’m doing my own thing (even when it rains)/And I will stay afloat, even when it rains/Cause I’ve got my own boat/Row, row your boat," he spits on the chorus.

Yelawolf has been on a slight hiatus after having a meltdown during a show last November and cancelling his Trial by Fire tour afterward to deal with his personal issues, but he appears to be in a better space at this point. "Happy to be back rolling in the New Year," he wrote in a statement. "I took some much needed time for myself to and I feel better than ever. My apologies to the fans for my absence ... and thank you for your continued support ; it means the world to me!! The new album’s my favorite work yet and I hope you dig the new single, "Row Your Boat." Trial By Fire will be out soon!!! Love y'all - Yelawolf MWA."

Watch Yelawolf's "Row Your Boat" video below.

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