YBN Cordae makes stringing together clever couplets seem as easy as ABCs. So, it was only right that XXL put the YBN rep on camera for an installment of our word-association series ABCs to see where his mind and vocabulary leads him.

On the day of XXL's 2019 Freshman shoot, YBN Cordae came off the top—cypher and solo freestyle aside—to spit out the first words that come to mind when running through the alphabet. He reels off three-syllable words at will—applesauce, bittersweet, conundrum—before referencing a childhood icon, name-dropping Looney Tunes own dark-feathered Daffy Duck.

Some of Cordae's word choices are likely indicative of Cordae's expectations for his own career. For the letter L, he goes with "longevity," followed by "never falling off" for N. But he has some fun with it, too. On Q, he goes for the multisyllabic "quintuplets." By the time he gets to Z, Cordae is reciting the hook from "Zeze," Kodak Black's collaboration with Travis Scott and Offset.

ABCs was just one portion of YBN Cordae's 2019 XXL Freshman experience, which also included a solo portrait shoot, group shots that produced the fun cover image, an a cappella freestyle, group cypher and solo on-camera interview. You can check out the rest of Cordae's lexicon flexing in the video above.

See Photos of YBN Cordae Behind the Scenes at the 2019 XXL Freshman Cover Shoot

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