A day after video surfaced of YBN Almighty Jay being assaulted and robbed in New York City, more info trickles out surrounding the situation. There are conflicting reports coming out concerning rapper Lil TJay's involvement or lack thereof. In one of the initial videos that was posted, a person who was on the scene points out TJay in the clip during the initial dust-up that preceded Jay getting jumped. Some are reporting that TJay was on the scene but did not fight.

Curiously, on Saturday night (March 9), TJay put up a post on Instagram dedicated to Jay where he captioned a photo of the rapper, "Keep ya head up bro stay strong 😴🙏🏽."

YBN Almighty Jay gets assaulted.

On Friday night (March 8), the rapper was in New York City when he was attacked by a group of people and seemingly robbed of a few valuables.

According to TMZ, the whole conflict started inside of a Saks Fifth Avenue store. Jay was shopping inside with some friends when rapper Lil TJay and his crew walked into the spot. The two sides ended up getting into a verbal altercation before the entire thing broke out into a fight.

Videos of the situation give a window into what, exactly, transpired. One clip shows what appears to be Jay's crew and another crew of people—possibly TJay's—squaring up on a street corner with both sides getting involved in the melee. In another video, which could have been recorded hours later, we see what appears to be Jay being jumped by a group of people. In the clip, he gets kicked in the head multiple times and his attackers appear to try to rob him.

"That's the YBN nigga? Take his chain," someone yells. Fortunately, Jay gets up and is able to flee the scene while his attackers scream at him. It looks like they were able to make off with some valuables. Another clip that has surfaced shows people flexing on social media with the rapper's signature piece and chain.

XXL has reached out to Jay and TJay's respective camps for statements on the matter.

In other YBN Almighty Jay-related news, last month, the rapper was suspected in the theft of items from fellow rapper Skinnyfromthe9. He is accused of stealing Skinny's money and jewelry at a video shoot. He has since surrendered to police in regards to the accusations.

See video of YBN Almighty Jay getting jumped and robbed below.

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