XXXTENTACION tried throwing his first surprise show in Miami Friday night (April 7), following his release from jail last month, but it didn't exactly go as planned. The venue, which was apparently some sort of warehouse, was packed with kids before X showed up, and when he did, people started rioting.

The show was all ages and only $5, but it got so bad police eventually demanded X leave the venue and quickly escorted him out. Footage of the incident soon surfaced on Twitter, causing people to believe X was arrested, but XXL can confirm he was not.

"Police escorted him to safety because he's a fucking superstar, and his presence damn near incited a riot," says X's manager when reached for comment.

Watch more footage of the chaos below.

In case you missed it, read our in-depth interview with X from when he was in jail. The rapper was released in late March after being charged with armed home invasion and aggravated battery. XXXTENTACION is currently on probation.

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