Full speed ahead with no worries. That's pretty much the vibe XXXTentacion's been giving off since being sucker punched at the San Diego stop of his Revenge tour this past Wednesday (June 7). It's one that continues to shine through in his most recent interview—his first since being attacked.

In a conversation with the folks at TMZ, X charges his being attacked to the game. After all, that's what happens when you're successful. Especially while you're still just a teenager.

"I just know it's people hating pretty much," X tells the celebrity gossip site. "People just being haters. At the end of the day like, to be 19 years old and have this amount of success...there's going to be a lot of problems. It's not something I wasn't ready for. So I mean, I'm just gonna take it like a man and be a man about the situation and do what I gotta do."

When a reporter asks X, whose face looks swollen in the video of his interview, if he's going to the hospital, he responds by saying, "no," but claims the person who attacked him is in serious condition after apparently being stabbed.

"Apparently—I had nothing to do with this, is all I'm gon' say, just for other reasons—but apparently he was stabbed," X says. "He was stabbed several times and is in critical condition right now. And apparently he might die, so, I don't know what's going on. But I just know he might die, haha."

X says the person who attacked him ended up being on death's door, but TMZ says pollice tell them his attacker managed to flee the scene and that he wasn't the person who ended up getting stabbed. The police also tell them the stabbing victim's wounds weren't life-threatening.

X, who just yesterday (June 8) invited his enemies to confront him at his Santa Ana, Calif. show, which was subsequently cancelled, tells TMZ he doesn't plan on adding to his security team. After all, they didn't seem all that helpful when he was sucker punched.

"I'm gonna do the same thing I did before. At the end of the day, it is what it is. If I need to be confronted, it's gonna happen," X explains.  "I understand paying to have people like, make sure you're safe, but I had 12 security guards today. So what the fuck am I gonna pay more money for to get security if I can get snuffed out so easy."

Check out X's interview for yourself below.

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