Just about three months after dropping his Laugh Now, Fly Later mixtape, Wiz Khalifa pulls up with a new visual for "Letterman," the latest single from the project.

The video, which was directed by Ethan Lader, finds Wiz posted up in a stadium with a group of cheerleaders, all of whom are rocking uniforms with the words, "Doobies," scrawled across the front. Wiz sits in the stadium seats, rocking his own specialized letterman jacket as he talks down on the lames of the world.

Wiz lets you know where he (most likely) stands in comparison to you during his very first verse on the track. "I just drank too much Gin/And I'm more drunk than I ever been/And I'm 'bout to roll up the medicine/Now they got a girl and her best friend/Let 'em take shots, now they feelin' it/Tell me that I'm better than her ex man/If I hit it once, I'ma hit again," spits Wiz, who somewhat recently freestyled about his baby moms, Amber Rose.

All in all, the visual for "Letterman" is just as playful as the song it was created for, and it's cool to get a vid from one of the better tracks on Laugh Now, Fly Later. 

Peep it for yourself below.

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