Besides being used as an alternative for saving money on dinner dates and clothes, Groupon and Living Social are becoming outlets for top-notch performers such as Wiz Khalifa and Arcade Fire to sell concert tickets, according to Billboard.

After Groupon landed a deal with Live Nation in 2011, this prompted their competitor Living Social to counter back with AEG. As a result, this has enabled acts to sell merchandise, CDs, and discounts on tickets through these two apps.

"That ability to give this shot of adrenaline to the marketing promotion is a big deal," said Living Social's Alex Michael. The General Manager for LivingSocial's entertainment and restaurants division continued by adding, "You get massive brand exposure and ultimately you get sales and so that combination is powerful."

Groupon normally tries to provide their customers with a 30-45% discount on concert tickets. Initially, Groupon struggled convincing promoters to let them sell tickets in advance after inking a deal with Live Nation. A year later, all that changed.

"The Groupon audience is significantly broad ... we've reached them in a really simple way, giving them the easy opportunity to say yes and buy a ticket on the spot. ... And I think that if we weren't frankly reaching the casual fan that was not necessarily going to buy a ticket anyway, that we wouldn't have a strong relationship with our partners," said, Vice President and General Manager for Groupon Live, Greg Rudin.

Wiz was enamored with the concept of selling tickets with Groupon because he thought it would serve as beneficial for those who had a tendency of being out of the loop.

"I liked the idea of it because there are tons of people who are too busy or they're out of the loop," he said. "So it makes it much easier (for fans)."