Amber Rose has responded to Wiz Khalifa's rejection following her threesome. Wiz also shared how he's "bummed out" over the whole thing.

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Amber Rose is the new host of the Loveline podcast with Dr. Chris Donaghue and on the first episode, which will be out next Thursday, she recounted a threesome that was apparently horrible. "I am literally having sleepless nights," she said of the encounter, which included one other woman.

Getting wind of the story, Rose's ex and the father of her son Wiz Khalifa took to Twitter to note that Rose won't be able to come back to him for a better experience. "Not here for your rebound after your threesome. Only peace and love," he wrote Friday (Sept. 9).

Amber says her decision to have the threesome was motivated by curiosity. "I felt the pressure, getting older, to experience new things. I did it against my better judgment because, really, I talk about sex a lot, I promote that," she said. But the sparks she hoped to see fly weren't there. "I felt like there was no passion. There was no kissing and rolling around, all those moments that I enjoy. It just wasn't there."

As if to reassure herself, she goes on to mention Wiz, saying, "Maybe I'll just call my baby daddy over tonight." That's the part Khalifa man isn't too happy about.

"Don't let fame and illusions fool you. Have an awesome day," wrote Wiz. You can see his tweets below.

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