While The Breakfast Club is making plenty of waves this morning with their historically brief interview with Birdman, Geto Boys rapper Willie D dropped by the morning show yesterday (April 21) and provided some soundbites of his own. Starting at the 18 minute mark, Willie D explains the writing process for the group, which at times included Scarface rapping Willie's words.

"I wrote all of my stuff," he said. "I wrote a couple songs that Face rapped. But as far as Bill though, when it came to Geto Boy records, I’d say about 80-90 percent of everything you ever heard Bill say came out of my head."

When asked if he penned hooks or actual bars, Willie says he did it all. "Nah, I actually wrote whole songs where he rapped on. I’m talking about Geto Boy records. I wrote 'Do It Like a G.O.,' the whole record. And myself, Bill and Brad rapped that. I wrote 'Ain’t With Being Broke' and I did 'C’mon.'"

Charlamagne then transitions into the Meek Mill and Drake beef which has centered around Drake's alleged use of ghostwriters. "For the real hip-hop enthusiast, that’s a must," Willie says, "but for the entertainment, music industry, man that stuff don’t matter. It’s about making great music and I never tripped on writing for Bill or writing anything that Brad ever did."

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