This past weekend, Jay-Z announced a new addition to his small but strong Roc Nation roster: Jay Electronica. A little celebration was held to commemorate the event—during which Jay Elec performed a few cuts—and in the less than a week since the announcement, the New Orleans native has released two new tracks, including a Hov feature.

The new addition to the roster means that Roc Nation now boasts Jay-Z, Jay Electronica, and J. Cole. That’s a lotta J’s—word to Wiz Khalifa and Spitta.

President Carter's affinity for artists with similar sounding monikers seemed to more than just a mere coincidence and got us to thinking… What other “J” or “Jay” artists could Jiggaman bring on to the label to keep the trend going? He’s got the obvious options of rappers, producers and DJs, of course. But Jay could also expand his brand and bring aboard some social commentary or comedy.

Here's a few options of folks that could be throwing up the Roc just because they share the 10th letter of the alphabet. This post is brought to you by the letter J... Jae... Jay..