Snootie Wild firmly planted himself as a hitmaker when 2014's "Yayo" took off and the rapper has been trying to duplicate the success of the song since. In his two latest offerings, "Like This Before" and "Hatin," Snootie gives polarizing perspectives as he looks back at his humble beginnings and then flashes an extended middle finger to everyone who doubted him. "Like This Before," which Snootie directed himself, features the rapper on the block with the people he came up with and by himself during quiet introspective moments. "Hatin," the more aggressive of the two, has Snootie and Boosie marching through the streets calling for peace. Boosie makes the video move with a shining verse and a show stealing performance on camera. Snootie may never again capture the magic of "Yayo" but that hasn't stopped him from building a solid catalog while he tries.



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