Before the release of Action Bronson's major label full-length debut Mr. Wonderful, he dropped the hilarious mini-documentary. The video is just over three minutes and features "fans" who are deeply infatuated and down right worship Bronsolino in very special ways. The first individual states that he starts his day by staring at a photo of Bam Bam and considers the rapper his mother. The second fan is an elder women who said that Action knows her life then recites lyrics from "No Time" ("It's a proven fact money make the world go round / And a couple sweet words'll make your girl go down). The scene then cuts to a family praying to AB before they eat dinner. The video is amazing and ridiculous.

Mr. Wonderful comes out March 23. The album has been preceded by the 40-produced “Actin’ Crazy,” “Terry,” the Chance The Rapper-featuring “Baby Blue” and, last year, “Easy Rider.” He has also been on a tear in the booth, with loosies like “Big League Chew” and his stunning freestyle on Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 show. If you haven't already watched his interview with Bomani Jones and Dan Le Batard, hosts for ESPN's Highly Questionable, it's fantastic. He discussed battling with fans and his sex life. Here's what he said about recording “Easy Rider": “I was in a little small apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn going through Turkish samples and psychadelic music on YouTube….From there on, I was just in a trance. There was salvia involved. There was sage being burned. There was Indians coming and singing in tribal anthems.”

Bronson is currently on at SXSW at Austin, Texas. Check out his stops below. Watch the mini-documentary above.

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