When you pair Dr. Dre and Warren G, its like an instant hit-making match made in heaven. So the two collaborating again is sure to stir up some noise right? Well, fans may get just that as Warren G recently expressed a desired to work on the N.W.A biopic soundtrack along with Dr. Dre.

"Dre, he working on the movie, the N.W.A [biopic] so I'm pretty sure that soundtrack is going to be monstrous," Warren G told XXL. "I really want to be a part of that. So I'm going to get with him, talk with him and hopefully I can help him with the production."

He further expressed his desire to reconnect with Dre and craft up some classic hits. "I would love to collaborate with Dre on the production because I know he's going to be involved in a lot of the production," Warren said. "My thing is I just want to be involved as far as the production, get in there and make some classic records once again.  Cause that's who I look up to and that's who taught me what I know as far as production."

Filming is in full swing for the N.W.A biopic which is due to be released on August 14, 2015. Although the project has suffered a few minor setbacks, sustaining a drive by shooting and a racial discrimination casting incident, it seems that things are right on time for the highly anticipated film.-Miranda Johnson