Thursday (March 15) marked the one-year anniversary of singer Nate Dogg’s death and Warren G, Nate’s longtime partner-in-rhyme and friend, wants people to know that as long as he’s here, he’s going to keep the G-Funk doctor's memory alive; the Long Beach, California rap veteran plans on doing just that by dropping a Nate Dogg and Warren G EP titled No One Could Do It Better, as soon as next month.

“It’s pretty much done,” Warren G told “I might drop it April 17 right after our first Coachella show. If not, by mid-May or June. Shit…I might decide to go hard virally with it.”

Whenever fans do get their hands on it, Warren promises a full blast of G-Funk.

“It’s that genuine G-Funk sound that we’re missing,” Warren said. “I just to give people that real music again and tell people that ain’t nothing changed. Nate is still here. I got to keep my boy alive.”

The five-song EP’s first single is called “A Party We Will Throw Now,” which pairs Warren with Game and has Nate blessing the hook, as he’s done on so many choruses throughout his career till his untimely death due to complications of multiple strokes last year.

“As I travel this lonely gangsta road, just me and my negro, we still got bomb hydro,” sang Warren, doing his best Nate Dogg impersonation of the song’s hook. “We just stumbling in the nightfall, that’s when young girls go home, big girls put on small clothes/A party we will throw…a party we will throw now!

“I can’t really sing like Nate,” Warren said laughing. “The record is a really dope record.”

Warren, who estimates to have about “25-30” recorded songs with Nate Dogg in the stash, plans on dropping his own Regulate the G-Funk Era EP in mid-July. He says that EP too will have two Nate Dogg features, with the single of that project entitled “I’m Still In Love With You.”

The laid-back LBC rhymeslinger has also been keeping busy producing, as he crafted Young Jeezy’s current single, “Leave You Alone,” off the Snowman’s Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition album.

“A bunch of muthafuckas passed on that song,” Warren revealed. “[Jeezy] heard it and said, ‘G give me two weeks.’ He then called me back and said, ‘Take this off the market. We got one, OG! It made me feel good to see two young cats like [Jeezy and Ne-Yo] recognize and love and create a classic off something I did. So, that’s for the haters.”—Mark Lelinwalla