Cali trio Warm Brew is back with their latest offering the Diagnosis EP.

Following up their 2015 project Ghetto Beach Boyz, Ray Wright, Serk Spliff and Manu Li ride a new wave with the six-track project which features the previously released track "The Mission." Guest appearances include Sir and Hugh Augustine, Buddy and Racella.

The chill rap trio has been maneuvering the underground Cali scene for the past six years dropping their debut project Natural Spirit in 2010, drawing comparisons to acts like The Pharcyde. They followed that up with The Warm Brew EP in 2011 and The Ride in 2013. In June, following the release of Ghetto Beach Boyz a few months prior, they got a boost in their stock, signing a record deal with Red Bull Records.

"We’re doing something totally different. We just put out a different sound. So we’re just trying to shake the landscape," said Ray Wright when XXL chopped it up with the group for The Break.

"Warm Brew is going to be the next cultural comfort," Ray added. "People will always be able to relate to us because there’s three of us. There’s a short dark one, a light skinned middle sized one and a tall one with braids. I feel like everyone feels a different way, but they can relate to us. They know that we’re not gonna switch up so they don’t gotta switch up."

Stream Diagnosis below.

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