It is a great time for Warm Brew as the group recently became the first hip-hop act to sign to Red Bull Records. With the Red Bull team behind them, the California trio revisits their latest single "The Mission" to provide a music video for the track.

The video sees Ray Wright, Serk and Manu Li enjoying a beautiful day out on the West Coast. The group is shown indulging in some great meals before hanging out at the crib and playing pool. The mellow vibes of the Swiff D production pair up well with the relaxing atmosphere of the visuals. Although everything is pretty chill, there's still some high quality rapping on this record.

"Yo keeping a shell around my mind a mental terrapin/Tearing out my break line can't slow down/So close I can taste this shit/Standing up on a precipice of pulling up a generation/But I can't forget the many lessons that it took to raise a nigga/Land of the villain vacay/Scam everyday for the payday/Fam when I’m calling, mayday/Come on nigga you know/That I'm really putting work in/On my back got a kerchief/Gotta rap with a purpose/On the path for the curses/Blessings and questions, this shit is a quest/For the best days/Call me a rookie, seen veteran thangs/Call me a bookie, I bet I'ma win/Gotta keep pushing for the folks that held me down for ages/Before a nigga ever had a dream of putting the pen to pages," Serk raps.

"The Mission" is slated to appear on Warm Brew's Diagnosis EP, which will be released on July 15. The project will feature production by Rob Knox, Al B Smoov, Drew Byrd and Lord Quest.

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