Chicago really does have a large part in the sound of modern rap. Coming from that lineage can be daunting but relying on your talent and a unique approach will surely help you stand out., who hails from the Windy City, makes personal and emotionally-fueled music that doesn't skimp on the lyrics. To show and prove, the 20-year-old rhymer stopped by the XXL office to take his crack at our What I Do freestyle series and didn't disappoint.

Warhol opens up his verse with a focus on how fresh he is. "You can check the jacket on me, swag is VLONE/And I got the wax denim 1's, yeah, they Royal/Royal like a king/Royal how im blingin'," he delivers. The rapper then brags a little more about the ice he's got: "You see these diamonds and these stones and these bitches they be iggin'."

After the early part of his freestyle, uses some wordplay to talk about his day-to-day lifestyle. "From the back I need a nifty, beat her back and shit/I can't see too much, I'm off this icky, sticky icky/Off this drank it got me leanin', leanin' plenty/All these bitches they be talkin, but I, can't hear me," he spits.

With his long-awaited project Chest Pains dropping this Wednesday (Nov. 14), there will be more new material to come from the rapper sooner than later. Warhol opened up about what's to come on the new project, which features collaborations with Uno The Activist and Rico Nasty, among others. "Chest Pains been teased for about a year now, a year and some change, so the fans really on my ass about that," he admitted. "I can't give the fans some half done shit. This shit supposed to be somethin' that's gon' shake the industry."

He also shared his thoughts on quality control of his own work and the importance of honesty within in your inner circle. "If you don't have people around you that's pushing you to go your hardest, they just shouldn't be around you," he explained, showing his wisdom. "If you got somebody in the studio that's scared to say 'Nah, I don't like the way this sound,' because they feel like they gonna get on ya bad side. That's some stupid ego shit."

Watch flex in his freestyle up top. And if you're looking for a sample of what he has to offer on Chest Pains, check out "War Ready" featuring Uno The Activist.

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