It's been about two years since we got the last James Bond film, Spectre. Today, we potentially get something to hold over 007 fans in Wale's new music video for "Colombia Heights" featuring J Balvin. It's essentially the new opening sequence for the next James Bond movie that hasn't been filmed yet.

While the track name refers to Columbia Heights in Washington, D.C., an area densely populated by Latinos, Wale and the director Mikeho decided to make an art music video with special visual effects and color palette. Visually, there is a heavy use of gold and diamond in various forms. There are the obvious women covered in gold with diamonds in their mouths. But there are other moments like when the camera filter makes it seem like you're watching Wale rap and J Balvin sing through a diamond. The video also distorts your perception with funhouse tricks like a rotating chair on a wall.

It's also most likely J Balvin styled himself in the "Colombia Heights" video, as he expressed his interest in fashion in an interview with XXL back in February. He pulls off a cool yet stylish appearance, something that speaks to his comment on fashion in music: "I wear the clothes I wear because I feel comfortable with it, you know? It’s not like I want to change everything about me, I’m just being me. When you try to be cool, you’re not cool. You just have to be yourself and follow whatever feels comfortable and right for you."

"Colombia Heights" comes off of Wale's last album ShineWale appeared on Ebro in the Morning in April, revealing that he's already started to work on a go-go album with Pharrell.

You can watch the video for "Colombia Heights" below.

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