What's going on Nigeria right now is heartwrenching. Boko Haram terrorists raided the Nigerian town of Baga and its neighboring villages and murdered upwards of 2,000 people, including numerous women and children. That's after despicable acts including the kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls from Chibok, Nigeria in 2014. Many rappers have expressed their concerns on Twitter, but Wale—who's Nigerian—sat down with MTV to discuss the killings and how they affect his family.

"My dad is out there right now, he's in Nigeria," said Wale in the interview. "I believe it's north Nigeria...it's fucked up. Where are you safe at? Not to get super deep into it, something as pure as religion, which is essentially love for mankind and respect and loyalty to within self. It's so crazy that that is being used as a tool to kill." Watch the interview above. Heal Nigeria.