Earlier today (July 8), in a move with little to no precedent, the New York Stock Exchange suspended trading for over three hours while dealing with what it described as a "technical glitch." But as death knells for late capitalism go, it paled in comparison to the video for "Game On." The song, set to be featured in Pixels, the upcoming, Adam Sandler- and Kevin James-starring comedy about hostile aliens who employ 1980s video game technology to take over Earth, pairs Waka Flocka Flame with Good Charlotte. While the latter band enjoyed massive commercial success in the early 2000s, they still seem a strange pairing for Flocka, who of late has parlayed his Flockaveli-era street rap stardom into a blank check from the EDM festival circuit. The clip intersperses shots of the musicians with footage from the movie, which promises to be a subtle, contemplative musing on our hubris of technology.