Waka Flocka is never one to hold his tongue, but his new comments might ruffle up a few feathers of people he's close to in the industry. In a new rant, the "Big Dawg" rapper takes to Instagram Live, where he reveals his negative opinions on DJs and producers dropping their own albums.

The Southern-based entertainer says that DJs and producers should not be releasing their own projects, being that they're not rappers or artists. He even tells them to "stick" to their profession, which is behind the boards and hit records.

"Nigga, you're not a rapper," Waka exclaims. "You're not an artist. Stick to your fucking profession, man. Fuck!"

Waka also calls out rappers who continue to rep gangs in their music and their brands as they progress into their careers.

The "Hard in the Paint" artist is currently preparing to release his anticipated Flockaveli 2 album, which he revealed would potentially be dropping on Oct. 5. The album has been in the works since Waka first announced it back in October 2013, which will follow in the footsteps of his slew of mixtapes and releases over the past few years.

Hear what Waka Flocka has to say about DJs and producers dropping their own albums in the video stream below.

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