One of the benefits of abstract art is that consumers can interpret a piece any way they want to. In the case of Vince Staples, whose forthcoming Big Fish Theory album is set to drop on June 23, it comes with the added perk of trolling White people. He says as much during a new episode of The Daily Show.

When The Daily Show host Trevor Noah asks Vince about the merits behind the Long Beach, Calif. rapper calling his new project an example of Afrofuturism—which is a characterization Vince gave during an interview with L.A. Weekly a few weeks ago—Vince offers up a simple explanation for his claim.

"I like saying stuff about Black people to White people," Vince says. A moment later, Noah asks him if his usage of the term "Afrofuturism" meant anything in regards to the sound of his new album. Vince's response? "Of course not."

Vince goes on to drop gems about historic Black figures like Grace Jones and Sun Ra, who embodied Afrofuturism decades ago: "They don't know who Grace Jones is or Sun Ra, none of that stuff, so you know, you just take something that somebody else Black did, and they're like, 'Oh, that's your stuff.'" No it's not, it belongs to them. Get their streams up. Look up Grace Jones."

Elsewhere in his discussion with Noah—on what's presumably a completely non-trolling explanation—Vince speaks on the purposeful ambiguity of his newest album title and handing out fish that only have a two-week lifespan at his Big Fish Theory listening party. Gotta love it.

Peep Vince's appearance on The Daily Show below. The bit about Afrofuturism comes in at the 2:30 mark. Also, make sure you check out his newest Big Fish Theory track "Rain Come Down," which he dropped just the other day.

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