Common and Serena Williams sit down for an extensive interview touching on race, fame, gender and sports. At one point, the Chi-town rapper remembers being made fun when he was a child simply for being black.

"I’m gonna tell you when I realized I was black, when I realized that people looked at me differently for being black," Common says. "My mother took me and my godbrother shopping - we went to a nice little neighborhood - and on the way back we stopped at this candy store. She let me and my godbrother walk in - it was a predominantly white neighborhood - and when we walked in we were getting chips and candy and this little white kid was going ‘b-l-a-c-k, b-l-a-c-k.’"

The Black America Again MC explains the emotions he felt as a youngster experiencing discrimination for the color of his skin. "And I felt a little hurt," he says. "I was like, ‘Yeah, I am black.’ I had to be about 8 years old, and I guess that’s the moment I realized that some people looked at me different for being black."

Williams shares some of her own experiences dealing with the same issue. As a black player in a predominantly white sport, Serena was aware from an early age that people looked at her differently.

"I do remember one time I was playing, and these kids came up behind me while we were practicing and - I was probably, like, 7 - they were calling me Blacky," the tennis star says. "Me and Venus [Williams], they were like, ‘Blacky and Blacky.’ I remember thinking, ‘I don’t really care’ - and that’s pretty crazy to think that at that age."

You can watch the full, 48-minute interview above courtesy of ESPN and The Undefeated.

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