Jeezy released Trap or Die 3 on Oct. 28. Today (Nov. 16), the Atlanta rapper drops a new music video for the Lil Wayne-assisted "Bout That," track seven from the project.

The clip kicks off with Jeezy rocking blue Snowman gear rapping in front of a Donald Trump mural (Trump, depicted as The Joker, is fighting the Statue of Liberty). Every once in a while, the camera cuts to a pair of Lamborghinis (one white, one red) whipping through the streets. Weezy, rocking all red, shows up midway through the video to spit his guest bars. Then, Jeezy opts for a black outfit throughout his second and final verse. You can view the nearly four-minute visual above via YouTube.

Jeezy sticks to his classic content on the record, rapping about how he opened the door for many current trap artists. Over the D. Rich-produced instrumental, Jeezy flows, "Star let the hammer go, I ain't talkin' 'bout astrology/For any pussy got it, lil bitch you owe me an apology/Only talkin' bout that trappin' shit, I opened up the door for that/I coulda stopped at 101, tell me who shit comin' close to that/But you know how the saying goes how I cut the tape make a wish/Call your clientele, say I'm 'bout to make your favorite dish/My wrists can't keep my arms close, yeah I'm talkin' Arnold Schwarzenegger/Dropped the mixtapes, changed the game/Whoever thought it'd be a Georgia nigga?"

You can cop Jeezy's new album from iTunes for $11.99. Preezy reviewed Trap or Die 3 for XXL in early November, writing, "While Trap or Die 3 likely won’t yield the returns that Jeezy’s prior offerings managed to garner during the hot streak of the late aughts, it is sure to quiet concerns of whether he’s lost the ability to move the streets while maintaining his appeal as one of the landmark names in rap on a mainstream level. With 16 tracks that move from the trap, to the clubs, to the gutter, and back again, Trap or Die 3 is potent enough to leave listeners fiending for his next hit."

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