Vic Mensa has collaborated with everyone from Skrillex to Kanye West, and based on a recent Instagram post, his portfolio is only getting more diverse. Producer and frequent Gorillaz collaborator Remi Kabaka, who voices fictional band member Russel Hobbs, posted the above photo showing Mensa in studio, suggesting a musical union between the two in some future shape or form.

A new Gorillaz album is already being recorded, with group leader Damon Albarn promising a release date later in the year. That Kabaka first tagged Mensa in the photo then removed it seems to suggest that whatever is being cooked up is getting a lid put on it as well. GorillazNorthAmierca has likewise pointed out that Albarn was spotted in Mensa's hometown of Chicago in recent weeks.

Mensa is at work on his own album Traffic as well, with a recent piece for Clash Musicrevealing that Kanye’s close colleague Mike Dean, Illangelo, Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio, and John Hill are all featured as producers. Mike Dean is on the boards as well for at least one track called “Rage.” The piece also includes some interesting info, like how Vic is spitting over a Weezer sample (“The Good Life”) that Weezer member Rivers Cuomo heard and loved so much he decided to sing in it himself.

Vic has been spotted in the studio with Kanye and Migos as well, lending more support to the notion that he'll have a hand in a number of releases dropping this year.

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