Vic Mensa has a number of rappers coming at his neck for his XXXTentacion diss during his cypher verse at the 2018 BET Hip Hop Awards. Threats have been levied against the Chicago rapper, but he wants fans to know he still has yet to be touched, despite the rumors.

On Friday (Oct. 19), the "16 Shots" MC hopped on Instagram to set the record straight. "I hear people saying I got stabbed, I got shot, they looking for me," he said in the video while puffing on a cigarette. "I just want to let you know, I'm alright. Still alive, nigga. Rock solid..."

Though nothing has happened yet, Vic might want to keep his head on a swivel when out at industry events until this blows over. A handful of rappers have expressed their disdain with Vic calling out XXX's assault allegations during his cypher rhyme. Trippie Redd wants to fight Vic. "Tell Vic Mensa pull up. Come pull up to L.A. We want to fight," Trippie urged in an Instagram video following the award show taping. "Tell that nigga pull up. Dissing passed away people and shit. Lame ass dude. I was kinda fucking with dude, though. I like two of your songs. All the rest of them were trash, though. I truly realize why he ain't really pop off and why he ain't make it to the level he want to be at. Dude really trash, though."

Members Only rapper Tankhead666 wants smoke too, as does Houston rapper Sauce Walka who threatened to slap Vic when he sees him. A few days ago, Mensa addressed the controversy on the new track "Empathy."

Check out Vic dispelling rumors that he was assaulted below.

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