Vic Mensa has once again captured the attention of law enforcement. This time, the "U Mad" performer was kicked off an American Airlines plane. The rapper recounted his version of the events using his Snapchat. You can see his recap in the video above.

Mensa says the trouble began a bit after he was set to board the American Airlines flight, which had been delayed several times, to his displeasure. He claims he got into a confrontation with one of the airline's workers because he was trying to defend a woman he felt the man had been disrespectful toward.

"When the fat man scanning tickets called for Platinum, I stepped into line and waited to go on the plane, as I should. Then a woman walked up. He was disrespecting this woman so crazy, pointing all in her face like, 'No, ma’am, you need to follow instructions. You need to go around the back and follow instructions,'" Mensa explains.

He continues, "I don’t let that shit slide in front of me. I don’t let people talk to women like that around me, so I told him, 'You need to watch your attitude speaking to her because we’re the ones been waiting.” Then the man tried to tell me I couldn’t get on the plane and I had to step to the side. I’m like, well, I’ve been waiting forever. I’m not going, so I just scanned my own ticket and walked on."

Mensa claims that his actions led the man to get him kicked off the plane. "The man’s ego was so hurt that they sent the police on the plane to come pull me off," he explains. "They lucky they sent some black cops that was fans that was cool ’cause I wouldn’t have even stepped up. But I said, 'Fuck it, whatever.' I got up. They’re like, 'We’re gonna let you back on the plane. We just need to take you off for procedure.' I knew they were lying, though, but I just had to roll with it for a sec. This Mexican man told me, 'We’re gonna let everybody else board, then we’re gonna let you on. That’s how it’s gonna go.'"

Obviously, that's not what ended up happening. After other passengers boarded the plane, the woman working with the airline told Mensa that he wasn't going to be allowed onto the flight. Mensa didn't take the news too well.

"And that’s when I turnt up, snatched the ticket out of her hand, stormed off, said, 'Fuck this airline,' grabbed the metal banister, threw it into the desk, and pimped off. Then they bring the police outside to come get me. It’s the same cops that’s fans. They cool. I lowkey had a little breakdown. I was like, “Man, I had to go home. I got so much real shit that’s happen in my life.'”

According to Mensa, his outburst led to his being questioned by the FBI. Apparently, they also took his fingerprints. Still, Mensa isn't backing down from his position. He feels like he was in the right for speaking out.

"The moral of the story here is I don’t give a fuck about your ego or your sense of entitlement. You’re not about to disrespect a woman in public in front of me. I know I don’t follow rules, man, but I also don’t tolerate that bullshit, people just being all types of bogus. Just because you have a uniform on or you have a position of power in a certain situation does not give you the right to disrespect people. And I didn’t curse at anybody until I was pulled off the plane, and they told me that after I was waiting for five hours I couldn’t fly. That’s when I turnt up. So do me a favor, man, tweet at American Airlines, and say 'Fuck you' for Vic Mensa ’cause y’all did him wrong. He flies with you all the time."

The folks at American Airlines used their official Twitter account to request a conversation with Mensa later that day.

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