Vic Mensa found himself out of the legal forest eleven days before his debut album, titled The Autobiography, hits streaming services and retailers. Earlier today (July 17), TMZ reported the Roc Nation rapper has received two years probation for driving with a concealed weapon.

For Mensa, the trouble began when he was pulled over after running a stop sign in California's Beverly Hills back in February. Upon being pulled over, the Chicago MC told officers he had a registered gun in his possession. At the time, he believed his paperwork meant he was allowed to carry the weapon, but he actually wasn't, so the cops arrested him.

Now, TMZ says all Mensa, who plead no contest to carrying a concealed firearm in his car, has to do is pay $500 and $1,325 in restitution and he's pretty much out of the woods. Of course, he's also got to deal with two years of probation, but when you consider he could have faced up to two years in jail, that doesn't seem so bad.

Last week, Vic held a listening party for his The Autobiography album, and rap legend JAY-Z gave a brief speech commending him for his talent. After Hov's speech, Mensa himself described his new album.

“This album is called The Autobiography. This album is really my blood, sweat, and tears, and everything that I’ve learned up to this point in life,” Vic said of his debut LP. “I kind of had to go through a lot of different things to even be able to put this album down on wax… When I talk about this album, I often say that somebody listening to it would know me better than a casual acquaintance that has known me for twenty years, if you listen to this album and really digest it. The things that I’m saying on there are so personal and real to me, but I wanted to make it in a way that everybody could relate to those situations to their own lives… This is just my story, The Autobiography.”

The Autobiography drops on July 28.

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