While mumble rap might seem to momentarily reign supreme, rappers with lyrical dexterity are still doing their MF thing. We've gotten some fire freestyles in the first half of 2017, and quarter three looks to be continuing the trend. Vic Mensa recently stopped by Sway in the Morning to drop off some bars, and ended up spazzing over Kendrick Lamar's "HiiiPoWeR."

Vic wasted no time getting busy on the J. Cole-produced track. "Visions of Malcolm X staring at me/Out the window with the tec if it's to protect my family/I stand over y'all, don't mean you understand me/Sold grams hand to hand, I rap like I won a Grammy/All black leathers, that's the dress code/Tatted up across my stomach like I'm Esco/Pyrex stove, Rolex gold/It's dead bodies in the wild like Gasbestos/Skeletons in the closet, I'm picking up the bones/Tryna build a happy house for my land of broken homes/Folks and stones turn into fiends, now they smoking stones," he snaps.

The Chicago rapper ends up delivering close to 70 bars of pure fire.

Vic is fresh off the release of his debut album, The Autobiography, which dropped a week ago, a week earlier than its slated release date. The project was produced mostly by No I.D. and includes features from Pharrell, Chief Keef, Joey Purp, Ty Dolla $ign, Weezer and more. "This album is really my blood, sweat, and tears, and everything that I’ve learned up to this point in life,” Vic recently said about the project. “I kind of had to go through a lot of different things to even be able to put this album down on wax."

Watch Vic Mensa spazz over K. Dot's banger below.

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