Destroying one person in a rap battle is one thing, but decimating an entire crew is something else entirely. During a recent episode of MTV's Wild 'N Out, Vic Mensa did just that, disarming almost every one in Nick Cannon's crew with a tight flow and a barrage of ruthlessly accurate punchlines. Check out the slaughter for yourself below.

Attacking a minimalist instrumental, Cannon strikes first, comparing Vic Mensa's clothes to something Rihanna would wear. That's when Vic pounces.

If you've watched enough battles, you know having a good start is really important to success, and Vic definitely delivers on that end, coming at Cannon with a diss it feels like few people would have the resolve to use—his divorce from Mariah Carey.

"You buried yourself, you should've brought your own shovel/Ever since Mariah found a nigga on her own level/I don't mean to go back and bring up your divorce/But how that work? Does she have to pay you child support?" raps Vic, who's got his debut album coming soon.

From there, Vic disses Method Man's shoes and goes on to say one of Cannon's teammates looks like a school shooter. Ouch.

Check out the whole battle for yourself below. Also, make sure you give Vic's The Manuscript EP a good listen.

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