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Y'all remember when Vanilla Ice showed up in the second Ninja Turtles movie and performed "Ninja Rap" in the club while the turtles got into a brawl with some type of mutant and everyone got so sucked into Ice's performance that they barely even cared that four gigantic turtles were fighting a series of ninjas in the middle of everything, and then everyone started dancing in unison? Good. Us, too.

Well, Ice is back at it, and by "back at it" we mean performing with humans dressed as turtles again. He stopped by the Today Show yesterday and performed "Ice Ice Baby" accompanied by two dudes who, judging by the "R" and "L" on their costumes, were supposed to be Rafael and Leonardo, respectively. Really unclear why the whole thing happened, but here we have a man in his mid-40s rapping a twenty-plus-year-old song accompanied by two men dressed as turtles. No big deal.

I mean, to be honest, he doesn't really sound that bad. Maybe all that work with the Amish has really revitalized him. You never know.