Vanilla Ice lied to police and the Vanilla Ice Project TV crew. Ice was arrested and charged yesterday (Feb. 18) for home burglary and grand theft in Lantana, Fla. near a location where he is renovating a home for his reality TV show. TMZ reports Ice, real name Robert Van Winkle, lied to his crew, saying he owned the house adjacent to about owning the vacant Lake Worth, FL house where they took litany of items. Winkle also told the cops that he thought the furniture was fair game because it was on the curb. Vanilla Ice left jail and told reporters that the situation is a "misunderstanding," according to NBC Miami.

"It's sad that good news doesn't travel this fast," he said. "It's just out of proportion, and I wish you guys would focus on all the good things I've done."

Ice allegedly stole household items from what appeared to be an abandoned home next to where he was renovating a house for his long-running reality-TV series. Van Winkle had been renovating a house in the area when the owner of an adjacent property reported a missing stuuf. When authorities searched Ice's home, most of the missing items were found. Cops recovered an iron table with glass top valued at $450, patio chairs valued at $1,000, a sofa valued at $1,000, two bicycles valued at $400, large mirror valued at $500 plus more. Ice could face jail time if convicted

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