While speaking with NPR, Terrace Martin dished on his performance on The Colbert Report alongside Kendrick Lamar and Thundercat back in December. The L.A. producer revealed that Kendrick's untitled song was actually created a day before they appeared on the show. "We didn't want to do nothing that's already been done, " said Martin while discussing the decision to do "something a little different." Martin also said that he and Thundercat found themselves improvising throughout the set after forgetting the arrangement to the song.

"And then something magical and spiritual happened there to where some things that wasn't, you know, rehearsed, happens… because I think me and Thundercat forgot the arrangement and just do what jazz musicians do," said West Coast-based producer. "And Kendrick, him being like a horn player, he's like Coltrane, man. Mild-mannered, soft-spoken, always practicing. New harmonic approaches, different techniques, falls in—there's not a mistake on that stage with him. If the turntables fall, he gon'—like, it's weird. It's like water."

Martin is currently working on Kendrick's upcoming LP. As for his own music, fans can expect to hear a solo album from the producer/rapper, which will feature “a lot of instrumental stuff… not so much singing and rapping.” Within six months in 2014, the  multi-instrumentalist put out a full solo album, 3ChordFold Pulse, and a Christmas project called Times. Check out this video to Martin's "For Ever With You," which dropped last month and listen to the entire interview below.



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