Uno The Activist is back with a brand new visual for "Let It Go," an ethereal, Auto-Tune-laced break-up he dropped back in August. The Miggy-directed visual is a bit of an interesting one, to say the least.

Everything and everyone in the video has its colors faded, with bits and pieces of VHS footage interspersed with clips of things happening in real time. In the beginning of the vid, we see an out-of-it looking Uno staring directly into what almost looks like an open safe. Inside of it is what appears to be a bottle of codeine.

Throughout the vid, we also see a blonde woman—presumably Uno's love interest in the song/video—looking at him in footage she found on a video tape. He looks out-of-it there, too, and it's sort of unclear why he's on a video to begin with.

"Girl I know, sorry I let you go/You got my heart, my soul/So I'm just gonna let it go/Girl just gon' let it go," croons Uno, who dropped his Live.Shyne.Die mixtape a little while back. This part also pops up when the girl gazes at his leftover VHS video, too.

At the very end of the vid, Uno overlooks a gorgeous rising morning sun as he prepares to "let it go"—meaning, relinquish himself to the sky as he levitates. As the visual ends, the woman in question stares on as the screen goes black. A bit creepy, but very dope.

Check out Uno's newest visual for yourself below, and take from it what you will. When you're done with that, listen to his song "Fabo," which we called one of our best songs of the week back in August.

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