Uno The Activist hits the prom in his brand new video for "Go With the Flow," a cut from his somewhat recently released Live.Shyne.Die mixtape. He looks like he's having a good time in it, too.

In the visual for the Krooks-produced cut, Uno rocks a black tuxedo and grips an old timey microphone as he performs with his band onstage. If it were Uno holding down the electric guitar instead of one of his video band-mates, you might even think this was a recreation of the famous Back to the Future scene.

In the crowd, of course, are students dancing to the sounds of Uno's band. We can see the basketball hoop and the bleachers nearby, which lets us know we're at the scene of a lively high school turn-up.

The song itself is loose and free-wheeling, which is definitely a vibe the Atlanta rapper aims to bring to his tracks. Speaking with us for The Break earlier this year, Uno explained what he believes is his purpose in the rap game. A big part of it is bringing the feel of songs like "Go With the Flow."

"I know I was put in this world for something. I know it's to influence others," says Uno. "I think God gave me my way doing this through music, you feel me? I'm still young trying to figure out what message I'm supposed to be relaying, you know what I'm saying? I bring versatility. I bring energy. Straight, raw energy, you feel me? Undeniable energy, you feel me? It's undeniable when I make a song."

Watch Uno The Activist's "Go With the Flow" video below.

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