2017 XXL Freshmen, Ugly God is at a crossroads in this early point in his career. After coming up quick on SoundCloud and YouTube with comical tracks like "I Beat My Meat" and the project, The Booty Tape, the young MC is ready to take a more mature approach to the rap game.

The Houston-bred MC recently vented to his fans in a lengthy Snapchap post about his revelation. "I talked to one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met in my life and he helped me come to my senses," he started. "While my 'joke-around' songs are fun to make and turn up to, I’m creating no kind of substance or mark. I just want to bring to light that I am very [versatile] but I have been scared to show my versatility for all this time because I didn't get into the position I am in now because of my versatility. I felt like if I did show my versatility, people would stop fucking with me."

But now, he has a different mindset. "I just feel like I’m on the edge of permanently being taken as a joke and that would be the downfall of my career," he added. "There has been too many people that have come and gone and I refuse to be one of them."

Ugly God is putting the finishing touches on his debut album. He recently revealed he cover art for the LP, which currently lacks a release date.

Check out his post about being taken more seriously in full below.

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