Over the weekend, false rumors swirled on the Internet that XXXTentacion was allegedly arrested in Las Vegas for punching a woman, and it apparently sparked an online feud between him and Ugly God.

After the Houston rapper tweeted support for X on Twitter following him hearing about the potential arrest, it triggered the Florida rapper to take shots at Ugly God for adding fuel to the rumor fire. The 2017 XXL Freshmen engaged in a back-and-forth on social media, with X calling out those who were helping to circulate the speculation in the first place.

"Y'all niggas don't make sense at all." XXXTentacion says. "Everybody beefing when really niggas could get money together. Niggas wanna be hoes and shit. Y'all niggas tripping. If you not out here spreading love, you a bad person, he continues in another part of the video. "And I apologize for every single moment that I don't spread love. Sometimes I don't have a hang of myself it seems. If you hating on another nigga who's getting money you're a fucking faggot. And I don't even mean no disrespect to gays. A faggot is a whole 'nother breed of something. You a whole fucking bad person."

After seeing remarks from fans and the footage of X, Ugly God posts the original comment he made that set the rapper off in the first place, as well as an outlet that was speaking on the rumor of the arrest.

"This is what's going on," he initially explains. "X acting like I'm the one who made that rumor, but it was really some random. So he blocked me and went off on me. I fuck with him but tell him stop being so emotional damn lmao."

Ugly God also popped up with a live stream on Instagram, telling the Florida rapper to not "summon no demon" on him.

"Don't summon no demon on me, bro," he jokes. "Everybody telling me you finna summon a demon. I don't believe you can, but if you can, don't."

Later on in the live stream, The Booty Tape entertainer also says that he has no issue with X: "And no, I do not have a problem with that nigga at all. And no, I'm not saying that shit because I'm spooked. I'm not spooked by that nigga at all. That nigga has not done anything I haven't seen a nigga do before. C'mon bro."

Following their back-and-forth getting picked up by outlets and blogs, Ugly God posts one last response, stating that he isn't jealous of Tentacion, and that he wants to clarify that there isn't any beef between them. He also encourages the rapper to reach out to him next time off of social media.

"This is not no beef shit. That's not me being scary," says Ugly God in the clip. "That's me being mature, because I'm not scared of any nigga... I seen your little remarks about rap niggas being jealous of you. I'm not jealous of you, bro. We do the same shit in life. We capitalize off the same shit, bro. I do not envy your lifestyle, bro."

See all of the posts of the back and forth between Ugly God and XXXTentacion below.

Ugly God via Instagram
Ugly God via Instagram

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