In light of recent cases of police brutality against Black Americans, there is a continued emphasis on staying united, though disagreements about the proper course of action can lead to some division. At a recent Town Hall meeting in Atlanta, which followed five consecutive days of protesting, things got tense between David Banner and Lyfe Jennings when Banner suggested that police need to face financial or even physical consequences for such behavior.

"What we going through is crazy but we ain't gonna create more of it by telling people to bring guns against the police. That’s stupid!" Jennings responded, with Tyrese intervening, keeping the hostility from ever reaching a boiling point. Banner and Jennings shook hands afterward, and WSB-TV reports that residents found the evening and conversation to be productive.

Jeezy was also in attendance, saying “We’re getting a chance to really see what these people been doing to our people since the beginning of the beginning,” while 2 Chainz echoed a sentiment shared by Killer Mike on an Atlanta radio station late last week. “The White banks ain’t gonna give us a loan, we need to open up more black banks,” the ColleGrove rapper said.

Banner experienced his own altercation with police last month when he was denied entry into a Washington D.C. bar and was later arrested. Watch the above clip to see the moment things got testy between Banner and Jennings with a more complete news report included below.

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