Artists tend to have very detailed thoughts about every aspect of their craft, especially when it comes to their sound. For someone as meticulous as Tyler, The Creator, it should come as no surprised that he's analyzed it all, down to the sound of his voice. In an interview with GQ published Aug. 6, he admits that he doesn't feel his voice fits in with the sound of mainstream music.

Tyler's explanation comes on the back of a question about why isn't he bigger on the radio. "I hate my voice and I think—it's not a full thought or theory yet—but I think there are certain voices that can make it into a mainstream world because of the tone that they're in," he breaks down. "People like Jay, 'Ye, Drake, you know, Kenny [Kendrick Lamar]. It's a world that their voice lives in. It's not too high and squeaky, and it's not too low and bassy, it's not too abrasive and raspy."

Even with Tyler not particularly fitting into the world of mainstream music via his voice, he still wants to understand what makes those voices "work". "I'm still trying to figure out the science behind it. When I do, I'll let you know, but I definitely don't have that voice. And I fucking wish that I did" he says.

He also shares that he really did cry to a song off of Ye, specifically "Violent Crimes." "I always talk about chords and probably sound like a fucking dork, but since I was fucking 4 years old." He goes into more detail about his childhood memory, "I would always say it was a slant or it went up, 'cause I didn't know what chords were, but it was a thing that music did that I just felt in my fucking body." Hopefully, Kanye's upcoming work with Chance The Rapper will have chords to this level.

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