Tyler, The Creator is headed back to TV, and once there, he'll be a member of Viceland's expansive catalog of rapper-focused programming. It's about as perfect a fit as you'll ever find in the world of TV.

According to the folks at Deadline, Tyler's new show, titled Nuts and Bolts, will premiere this summer on Aug. 3 at 10:30 p.m EST. Last week, Wall Street Journal reporter Lara O' Reilly revealed the show will focus on the Odd Future frontman's journey to find out "how things are made."

If you're an avid Tyler fan and you've been following the OFWGKTA YouTube channel, you might also remember a Nuts and Bolts clip he did for his "Fucking Young" video. In the behind-the-scenes special, Tyler, who recently cancelled his European tour, goes through the thought process that went into his music video.

We can only assume his new show will find him examining a larger array of inventions in different contexts. Hopefully, we can get a few laughs as well, though that doesn't appear to be the focus of the new show.

This announcement is just the most recent in what's been sort of a mini-stream of dope Tyler news. A few weeks back, it was revealed he'd created a theme song for Bill Nye's new Netflix series. A decent while after that, we learned the official dates for this year's Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival.

Now we know he's got a new TV series coming our way, and it sounds pretty sick. Though he shot down rumors of a new album last week, perhaps he's building up to a more formal announcement. You can check out the poster for the show, as well as Tyler's Nuts & Bolts video special from last year, below.

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