Tyga's livelihood has depended on hip-hop for nearly 10 years but now he's looking to another form of revenue to expand his brand. The rapper will be taking his talents to TV next year when he co-stars in the new season of MTV's horror series Scream.

After dropping his new album, Bitch I'm the Shit 2, in July, Tyga is focused on his endeavors both in and out of music for the remainder of 2017. "For the rest of the year, put this project out, drop hits," he tells XXL. "I'm working on other projects. I'm doing the Scream series with MTV. I gotta tour I'm gonna be doing off this project and we just gon' keep it moving."

While the 27-year-old artist is no stranger to TV—he gave an inside look at his life on his own reality show, Kingin' With Tyga, in 2015, and put his relationship with Kylie Jenner in the public eye on Keeping Up with the Kardashians—his new role on Scream will put his acting skills to the test.

Tyga will star as Jamal, the step-brother of Deion Elliot, a local star running back who has a haunting past that comes to light at an inopportune time. The rapper's character Jamal has a vastly different perspective on life in comparison to Deion.

"The acting thing is something I always wanted to do," the "Feel Me" rhymer shares. "I think just the timing wasn't always right because it was like I'm so focused on getting the music to where it needs to be and then, you know, I felt like once I got that in play everything else would just fall in place. So now that that's there, I feel like, you know, I'm starting to take on more acting stuff."

C.J. Wallace, the son of the late Notorious B.I.G., will also appear on season three of Scream, which airs in March of 2018. His role on the show came as a surprise to Tyga. "I didn't even know he was in it," Tyga admits. "They don't really tell us too, too, too much. They don't want to tell you if you die in this episode, which is kinda cool. It keeps it like fun I feel like."

Scary movies aren't for everyone but that's what drew Tyga to this project. "I like scary movies," he explains. "It's like my No. 1 genre of movies is scary movies. I wanted to do something that wasn't music-related or music-driven. So it didn't conflict with, you know, the music that I'm dropping."

Now that he's locked down his first big acting gig, is there more on the horizon for Tyga? "I want to tackle this project first and kinda like put my all into this and then I can focus on other stuff," he says. "With music, it's like you can kinda like bounce around but with acting you wanna really just tap into what the character is and focus only on that."

Watch Tyga open up about branching out into acting below.

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