Ty Dolla $ign clashed with a service pet sharing his Air Canada flight from Montreal to Ottowa this past Saturday (June 23), TMZ reports. The "Psycho" singer allegedly tried and failed to get a blind woman and her seeing-eye dog removed from the plane.

On his way to a gig, Ty was seated in front of the woman and her pup. Before takeoff, he asked the flight crew to kick off the duo, explaining that he was allergic to dogs, according to the report. It seems as though the woman may have filmed the exchange between Ty and the flight attendants, though the view obstructs the video so it's impossible to be certain if it's really him.

The woman reportedly offered Ty an allergy pill, but he declined, apparently hesitant to take medication before a show. Ultimately, he was forced to accept his fate. Ty rejected crew members' offer to re-seat him further back in the plane, and the blind passenger, having cleared her dog beforehand, kept her spot. The crooner allegedly never reported his allergy to the airline.

Ty performed that night at the Escapade Music Festival, so it seems he avoided a serious allergic reaction. He has yet to comment publicly on the matter.

It's been an otherwise successful stretch for the Los Angeles talent. Ty recently appeared on three of Kanye West's latest projects, dropped "Trust Me" with Bhad Bhabie and shared videos with Quavo, Gucci Mane ("Pineapple") and Buddy ("Hey Up There"). He also hit No. 1 for the first time as a featured guest on Post-Malone's "Psycho."

Watch the video of Ty Dolla Sign's alleged interaction with a flight attendant below.

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