Original Hot Boys member B.G. has been serving a 14-year prison sentence stemming from a weapons possession and witness tampering charge for the past two years. But, according to fellow 'Nawlins rapper Turk, B.G. may be getting out as soon as this year due to a "legal loophole."

Turk, who was recently released from Forrest City Prison in Arkansas after serving nine years for a weapons violation said that B.G., "Ain't coming home on no snitch pass. When he come home, he done found a loophole in the law which they gave him more time than they were supposed to give him."

Turk didn't specify what the loophole is but did say that, "He is in court right now on appeal...I'm lookin' forward to B.G. comin' home, man. It could be this year, it could be first thing next year but he'll be home for sure. Y'all gonna be shocked that he's home and we gonna rip up these streets like we been doing."

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