It's official. Tru Life is home.

In 2011, Tru Life was sentenced to eight years in prison for a fatal stabbing incident. He was signed to Jay Z's Roc La familia imprint at the time, but now that he's back his label situation is unclear.

Born Roberto Guzmán Rosado Jr. on March 19, 1976, he was raised in the Lower East Side and signed with Hov around 2005 after releasing his first album Cryin' Out Loud in 2001.

During his time with Jigga, Tru Life dropped two projects - 2005's The New New York: The Movement and 2007's Tru York, the second of which featured Hov on the intro. When Hov parted ways with Def Jam, XXL caught up with Tru Life to talk about what he'd be doing afterwards.

“I was Roc-A-Fella all day first off, let’s get that clear,” the L.E.S. rapper told XXL in '08. “I signed to Roc La Familia but I was always Roc-A-Fella. I was just Latin, but when that folded it was easy, they just moved me over to Roc-A-Fella. I’m a smart business man so when I found out Jay-Z was gonna leave – cause I got the heads up, cause that’s my big homie – I didn’t wanna stay there either at Def Jam.

“It was also in my contract that if they didn’t put out my album, they had to give me $300,000,” Tru revealed. “So being the smart businessman that I am I took that $300K, they did it under the radar so nobody really knew, but I been was off of Def Jam for a while. We did it before Jay-Z actually left. I left Def Jam, but I’m still with Roc-A-Fella, I’m still with Jay-Z. Me and Jay was just out in Vegas balling out, spending stacks. You can ask Jay.”

Peep the classic Beef DVD segment with Tru Life below.

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