Like he always does around this time, Troy Ave breaks out the new installment of his White Christmas mixtape series.

For the fourth time in five years, Troy gives gifts in the form of perfectly packaged coke boy raps, just in time to get unwrapped for the holiday.

The BSB rapper offers 13 new tracks, featuring guest spots from Anthony Webly, Kid Exquisite and Avon Blockdale. Young Legend, Illa Tracks, Yankee and Trilogy, Beat Menace and more provide the powdery production.

While still handling his business on the music tip, Troy is of course still in the midst of a legal battle, stemming from the infamous Irving Plaza shooting back in May.

Most recently, Roland has been in the hip-hop headlines after claiming he's being extorted over a sex tape. The Brooklyn rapper recently released a screenshot of what is reported to be someone demanding money or they will release the intimate video. According to Troy, his laptop containing the X-rated footage was stolen, and the thief is threatening to expose it unless he gets $20,000.

Ave claims he was going to use some of the NSFW footage for a music video. Presumably, the track "Sex Tape."

Stream White Christmas 4 below.

Troy Ave's White Christmas 4 Tracklist

1. "Blessed" Feat. Anthony Webly
2. "No Delay"
3. "Loco"
4. "Chuck Norris"
5. "The Way"
6. "Listen Up"
7. "Spend It" Feat. Kid Exquisite
8. "Sex Tape"
9. "Pain"
10. "Blocko" Feat. Avon Blocksdale
11. "Happy Birthday"
12. "Hustlin Kev The Pope"
13. "Get Money"

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