Troy Ave had an unforgettable Christmas for all the wrong reasons, as he was shot twice while on his way to visit family in Brooklyn. The rapper was sitting in a red Maserati at East 91st Street and Linden Boulevard in Brooklyn’s Canarsie section at around 4:20 p.m, when a shooter reportedly walked up and opened fire on Troy without warning. Earlier this week, Troy posted video to Instagram of what the Maserati looked like after.

"Blood in tha Foreign! some is mine, most is Jesus' I'm blessed so Ima bless y'all wit a new mixtape #DopeBoyTroyVolume1 u Ready?," Troy captions the below video. He as well says that he drove the car maybe 20 times and could barely open the gas tank, saying that the whip was more like a trophy to him.

Further down, Troy performs at a strip club in a bullet proof vest, a piece that has become a staple of his wardrobe now. As a result of the Christmas Day shooting, Troy spent a few nights in the hospital. The rapper was struck in the arm, another bullet grazing his head, with the bullets reportedly still in him as he left. As seen in the below video, the driver’s side window was blown out during the shooting.

Troy appeared in court earlier this month wearing a Donald Trump-style hat featuring the phrase “Bake Water and Whip Weight Again.” Prosecutors agreed to overturn a ban that prevented Troy from touring as part of his bail conditions. He will only be allowed to perform if he’s accompanied by a security guard and all venues are required to search the New York MC and his fans. Troy must also return home within 24 hours.

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