Following initial word last week that Troy Ave would be charged with attempted murder after his involvement in the shoot out that erupted at T.I.'s New York concert at Irving Plaza, an official indictment has been handed down by the Manhattan Criminal Court. According to The New York Times, Troy, who appeared in a wheelchair, was formally charged with attempted murder and criminal possession Monday evening (May 30), and was denied bail until trial.

Troy's attorneys had asked for a $50,000 bail and attempted to explain how the rapper is much different than the footage of him from that evening would suggest. “In the hip hop world, he's not known as one of these troublemakers. He doesn't live a gangster rap lifestyle," his attorney John Stella, said. The New York Daily News additionally quotes another of Troy's attorney's, Scott Leemon, as saying, "What really happened here is Mr. Collins here is the real victim. The person who was killed at this event, he died a hero. He was his bodyguard. He wasn't shot by Mr. Collins. He was a lifelong friend."

Assistant District Attorney Christine Keenan meanwhile used that footage as evidence of Troy's involvement and intention. "This defendant is on video coming out of the VIP room where the individuals were shot," she said. "He had the gun in his hand and was seen firing that gun in the direction of fleeing patrons." Keenan also said that cops had searched the van that Troy Ave had taken to the hospital that night (May 25) and found three guns, with ballistic tests confirming one was used at Irving Plaza.

The victim's brother, Shanduke McPhatter, said via social media that a man with podcaster TaxStone was the shooter and that Troy had picked up the weapon after it was dropped. For more details on Troy's hearing, visit the Times and Daily News.

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